A while ago I started to make comics. Because of my background in film, it was a pretty comfortable fit, telling stories with both pictures and words. I have no artistic training whatsoever (which will be immediately obvious) so my original plan was to be the Harvey Pekar of the deal and write the stories and then work with real, true artists who would do the drawings. When we lived in Seattle, I actually got to work with a real, true artist, Jessica Wolk-Stanley, and the two comics that we collaborated on turned out pretty well. But then two years ago, my family moved to New York and the collaboration kind of fell apart. I still really wanted to pursue comics, so I started illustrating them myself. I have loved doing them and, for better or worse, here are the results. I hope you enjoy.
Ricky Nelson
Don't Be Afraid To Ask 1
John Lennon
Don't Be Afraid To Ask 2
Harry Walker
Strange Tastes
Red River
Talking Heads